● Residential and Commercial
● Metal and Shingle Roofing
● New Roof Installation
● Roof Replacement
● Storm Damage Repair
● Roof Tune-Ups
● Home Improvement Upgrades
● 10 Point Roof Inspection
● Insurance Claims

Residential & Commercial

New Roof Construction
Roof Repair
Roof Replacement
Composition Shingles

Residential Roof Repair Includes:
Single and Multistory Homes


New Roof Construction
Roof Repair
Roof Replacement
Commercial Roof Repair Includes:
Office Buildings
Retail Businesses

Metal & Shingle Roofing

We specialize in metal and shingle roofing services for both residential and commercial clients.

New Roof
Installation & Construction

We provide the highest quality of workmanship available and follow strict industry standards to ensure that each project we undertake is carefully managed from start to finish.

Roof Replacement

A damaged roof can pose a safety hazard to your family's health. A roof replacement will eliminate the risk of structural damage and health hazards posed by mold, mildew and bacteria. Once the structural integrity of your roof is compromised, the replacement process should begin right away.

Storm Damage Repair

After a storm, it's important to choose a reputable company you that can trust to inspect the integrity of your home. Find someone who is local, properly trained, and efficient - All of which you will find at Known Name Roofing & Construction. Your protection is our top priority.

Roof Tune-Ups

Using effective, efficient solutions to restore your roof's integrity, a professional roof tune-up includes adding sealants on flashing around chimneys, vents, roof jacks, and turbines. This process also includes replacing damaged shingles, repairing all exposed nails, and securing flashing, baseplates, etc.

You work hard to put a roof over your family's head —
we'll help you keep it there.

Home Improvement Upgrades

From adding attic ventilation to the installation of a new skylight, we are happy to assist you with all your home improvement upgrade needs.

10 Point Roof Inspection

Our 10 Point Roof & Exterior Inspection is a comprehensive service that checks every aspect of your roof for any/all type of damage, allowing us to point out areas of compromise that could potentially lead to a failure in your roof.

Insurance Claims

If your roof is aged or damaged and you wish to upgrade your roofing system, please let us assist you with your insurance claim. We will get your new roof installed safely and quickly with confidence - getting you the most value for your investment!

Free Estimates

Completing each project to the highest standard, we offer FREE ESTIMATES for all your roofing and construction needs.